150 mm wafer of 20 mm VLSI MEMS driver chips

The integrated electrostatic driver for Optron’s high-resolution membrane mirror light modulators consists of a custom VLSI chip, operating at 20 V with video frame rates. Each chip includes an array of high-voltage pixel storage cells, as well as the raster and timing logic necessary to multiplex in 16 analog drive lines per input clock cycle.

The drivers are currently available in two formats:

  • Version 1: 20 mm die; 1000 x 1000 actuators on a 20 μm pitch.
  • Version 2: 46 mm large-format die; 768 x 768 actuators on a 60 μm pitch.

150 mm wafer of large-format 46 mm VLSI MEMS driver chips

In addition to these standard sizes, thanks to the advanced large-format reticle stitching capability of our CMOS foundry partner, we can commission the custom fabrication of a wide range of non-standard die sizes and pixel counts of our Version 2 60 μm actuators, up to 140 mm diagonal in a single die.

In addition to forming the core of Optron’s optical MEMS devices, these driver arrays are available for sale to the R&D community for novel applications in MEMS and any other system requiring a high-speed, high-resolution electrostatic actuator array. The drivers are available as whole 150 mm wafers, individual dies, or mounted on a PC card. We can also provide a fully programmable digital video MEMS interface unit.

Interested parties are encouraged to contact us at techsales@optronsystems.com with questions and requirements.