Optron has received multiple Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II contracts from the DoD to seed the development of our technology to a pre-production stage with a modest budget. We have received interest from potential customers in our infrared scene projector, and are currently under contract to deliver a prototype unit to the U.S. Air Force.

We are actively seeking statements of interest in our work. We are pursuing a two-pronged business strategy, using maturation of our current technology as a stepping stone to our future high-impact research and development goals aimed at the 3-D display market.

Current technology maturation and integration

In order to bring our scene projector product from research prototype to full manufacturability, we are seeking value-added system integrators and commercialization experts to partner with us. Our goal is a mutually beneficial partnership that leverages partner commercialization expertise to complement Optron’s strength in core device R&D, in order to deliver commercial-grade turnkey systems to customers and vendors.

New research and innovation initiatives

In addition to maturing our existing work, we are soliciting long-term investment partners for our new, high-impact R&D programs aimed at the 3-D display market. As detailed in our future R&D roadmap, Optron’s R&D expertise will be applied to a program of optical device, system, and microfabrication process research, with a focus on developing novel next-generation optical components that will enable emerging 3-D display markets.

Interested parties are referred to our downloadable company summary sheet, and are encouraged to contact us at invest@optronsystems.com to discuss future opportunities or schedule a technology demonstration.