At Optron, we believe that our initial proof-of-concept technology is just the start. In addition to ongoing performance improvements to our existing devices, we are planning an aggressive program of forward-looking research, building on our core expertise in micro-optical devices. Selected future research thrusts include:

New applications of our current technology platform

  • Flicker-free, non-polarizing displays and scene projection systems for high-speed imaging applications.

  • High-resolution adaptive aberration correction for astronomy, ophthalmology, and machine vision

  • Dynamically reconfigurable, non-polarizing optical elements such as gratings, mirrors, and beam shapers.

Microfabrication R&D enabling new devices

  • New modular fabrication and assembly techniques for rapid development of future novel MEMS-on-VLSI devices.

  • Next-generation MEMS actuator chips.

Novel devices and system R&D for high-impact markets

  • Miniature near-eye display systems.

  • 3-D lightfield and holographic display systems.

Optron is actively seeking statements of interest, product development collaborations, and investment from potential end users, value-added integrators, and strategic partners, for both our current technology and for our new R&D efforts in 3-D displays.

Interested parties are referred to our downloadable company summary sheet, and are encouraged to contact us at to discuss future opportunities.