HV-CMOS VLSI-MEMS actuator chips

Membrane mirror spatial light modulators

Infrared scene projection

Optron Systems is a small research and development company specializing in advanced optics and optical MEMS. Our current focus is a line of video-resolution VLSI-MEMS membrane mirror spatial light modulators (VLSI-MMLM), with applications in optical projection systems and adaptive optics at a wide range of wavelengths. These devices are the core of our current complete alpha prototype of a wideband, flicker-free infrared scene projector for the testing of IR imaging systems. To schedule a prototype demonstration, please contact us directly.

In addition to the core IR projection system, Optron offers sales of its underlying supporting technologies to the research community, including CMOS electrostatic driver array dies with analog rastered read-in and custom large-format die sizes up to 140 mm; fully programmable FPGA-based digital video interface, post-processing, and high-bandwidth amplifier unit; and general-purpose non-polarizing phase-only spatial light modulators with pixel pitch as fine as 40 μm.

Optron is actively investigating additional applications for our technology, including advanced 3-D and near-eye display systems, adaptive aberration correction, dynamically reconfigurable gratings and mirrors, and advanced projection systems.

We are currently seeking partners and investors for our next phase of development. Interested parties are referred to our downloadable company summary sheet. We welcome your inquiries regarding technical needs, sales, investments, and partnerships.